The Real-World Selling Seminar
Tailored to Your Sales Team
and Your Specific Requirements

A customized, how-to program for the new or veteran salesperson, designed to significantly improve their skills at persuading customers and prospective clients. We can combine Entry-Level, Intermediate-Level and Advanced-Level techniques to meet the specific requirements of your team.

This program is tailored to the specific skill level and the unique requirements of your sales team. The primary focus of this seminar is to provide a variety of concepts (not tricks) to help your salespeople become more productive. Although the program tends to be motivational, our main objective is to develop each person’s ability to become more persuasive with proven, professional sales techniques.

We generally recommend that training be conducted over a period of time to allow for application and feedback from the participants, although the length of time and method of instruction will vary depending on your objectives. Programs lasting one day to five consecutive days can also be successfully implemented. This seminar includes a high degree of interaction with each participant, and none of our programs are conducted with the use of lecture!

Possible Topics:

1.    Telephone Techniques
        Leave More Effective Voice-Mail Messages
       Effectively Communicate with the "Gatekeeper"
        Secure More Appointments

2.    Six Ways to Capture the Client's Attention

3.    Add More Creativity to your Opening Remarks

4.    Establish Immediate Credibility Over Your Competition

5.    Learn to Ask More Effective Questions

6.    Motivational Selling - Appeal to the Client's Emotions

7.    Create More Belief In the Benefits You Offer

8.    Deliver More Memorable Presentations

9.    Uncover the Real Objection Causing the Client to Hesitate

10.  Effectively Respond to Any Objection
       "I'm Not Interested."
"I'm Happy with My Current..."
       "Call me another Time"
"I Have a Friend in Your Business."

       "Your Price/Rate is Too High."
       "It's Not In the Budget."
       "I Need to Think about It."
"I Want to Talk this Over with..."

11.  What to Do If You Cannot Solve a Valid Objection

12.  Quickly Recognize Possible Buying Signals

13.  Effective Use of Trial Closes

14.  Recognize When to Close the Sale

15.  What to Say to Close Faster

16.  Secure a Stonger Commitment

17.  Avoid Buyer's Remorse

18.  Maintain More Control of the Sales Conversation

19.  Gain More Business from Your Existing Clients

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