Advanced Real-World Selling Seminar
In-House Programs  or  Open to the Public

This is a 2-day program offered only twice per year, and packed with specific, very persuasive, advanced-level sales techniques that were not included in your prior Real-World Selling™ Seminar.

The next scheduled program will be posted soon.  Please stay tuned!  (2-day program).

Class Times
Mon: 8:30-5:30   /   Tue: 8:30-4:00

This program is conducted at an off-site conference facility in Houston, Texas. Call 713-724-7547 for information about the location.

Who Can Attend
To participate, you must have attended a previous Real-World Selling™ Seminar conducted for your company or at any of our “open” classes conducted for the public.

$700 per person (discount for 3 or more) Included - All class materials, Continental Breakfast, Lunch & Afternoon Snacks/Drinks

100% Guarantee
If you believe our concepts will not increase your sales, your tuition will be immediately refunded in full. Which means the only way you can lose is if you do not attend!

Possible Topics

Attention Phase - Six Ways to Capture Your Client's Attention

Add More Creativity to your Opening Remarks

Establish Immediate Credibility

Motivational Selling - Appealing to Your Client's Emotions

Deliver More Memorable Presentations

Make More Believable Presentations

Uncover the Real Objection

Minimize and Diffuse Potential Objections

Effectively Respond to Any Objection
    "Your Price is Too High."
    "It's Not In the Budget."
    "I'm Not Interested."
    "Call Me Another Time."
    "I'm Happy with My Current..."
    "I Have a Friend in Your Business."
    "I Need to Think about It."
    "I Want to Talk this Over with..."

What to Do If You Cannot Solve a Valid Objection

Group Presentation Skills

Buying Signals

Trial Closes

How to Recognize When to Close the Sale

What to Say to Close Faster

Four Professional Techniques to Secure a Commitment

A Technique to Make the Sale Stay Closed

Gain More Business from Existing Clients

Call 713-724-7547  or  email: for more information.

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