The Real-World Client Relations Seminar
Tailored to Your Team and to Your Requirements

A program designed for anyone who has customer contact. This seminar delivers specific, how-to techniques to help every employee provide exceptional levels of customer service, plus communicate more effectively with their customers.

This seminar is tailored to the specific requirements of your team. The primary objective is to help the employee convey to every customer that your company cares about their business, plus the employee is genuinely trying to help the customer. This is a technique and motivation-oriented program for every individual within your organization who has customer contact.

The training can be conducted over a period of one to three consecutive days, or if preferred, over a period of six to twelve weeks. We dedicate time in the program for your employees to practice the techniques they learn, giving them the opportunity to develop each specific skill. This is not a lecture program! Each session is conducted so as to achieve a high degree of interaction with every participant.

Possible Topics

Developing a Quick and Strong Rapport

Acknowledgement Questions

The Different Personality Styles

Effective Communications

Questioning Techniques

Handling Customer Complaints

Active Listening Skills

Recognize and Control the Cycle of Attitude

Establishing Credibility with Your Ideas

Build and Maintain a High Enthusiasm Level

Confirmation Questions

Memory Techniques (Names & Miscellaneous Details)

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