Interactive Workshops
In-House Programs  or  Open to the Public

Due to Covid-19 all workshops are conducted via video conference.
Our in-person workshops will be rescheduled as soon as safely possible.

In-House WorkshopsTailored to Your Sales and Customer Service Teams and to Your Specific Requirements
Choose from the list of over 35 subjects below to improve the performance of your team and make your meeting or conference even more productive. Based on your objectives, we can also suggest a variety of topics for your consideration.

45 Minutes - 1 Hour Topics
   The Principles of Persuasion
   The Concept of Persuasion

1-3 Hour Topics
Develop More Qualified Prospective Clients
   The Choice of Words that "Make" or "Break" the Sale
   First Impressions - The Major, Minor Details
   Develop a Strong Rapport with the Client More Quickly
   The Initial Contact - How to Open the First Sales Call
   How to Gain and Hold the Client's Favorable Attention
   Make the Client Want to Listen to Your Ideas
   Motivate the Client's Desire to Do Business with You
   Maintain More Control of the Conversation without Manipulating the Client
   Establish Immediate Credibility Over Your Competition
   Create More Belief in the Benefits You Offer
   Define the Rules That Your Competitors Cannot Follow
   The Art of Underselling
Your Product or Service
   Outline Your Presentation for More Success
   Uncover the Real-Objection Causing the Client to Hesitate

   How to Make Your Presentation More Memorable
   How to Ask for and Receive More Referrals
   Seven-Nevers When Asking for a Referral
   Build and Maintain a High Enthusiasm Level
   Develop More Business from Existing Clients
   Body Language - Interpreting the Subconscious Actions of Others
   How to Know if the Person is Telling the Truth
   Skillfully Respond to Customer Complaints

4-6 Hour Topics
Better Telephone Skills to Gain More Appointments
   Learn How to Encourage the Client to More Willingly Discuss Their Problems
   Use Your Product Knowledge More Effectively
   Six Types of Evidence to Increase Your Persuasiveness
   Persuasive Patterns to Influence Anyone

   When to Close and What to Say to Close Faster
   Take Control of the Closing Process

   Make the Real-Objection Work for You
   Personality Styles - Recognize and Communicate with Each of Them
   Memory Techniques - Remember Names and Random Details

8 Hour Topics
   Questioning for an Early Close
Real-World Presentation Skills (Group Presentations)

For Your Sales Managers
   Effective Sales Management to Increase Productivity
   Sales Team Accountability
   Creative Sales Meetings and Contests
   How to De-Motivate Your Sales Team and Destroy Their Productivity


Call 713-724-7547  or  email: for more information.

Public Workshops

Class Times
am  until  5:00pm

Conducted through video conference
Call 713-724-7547 for information

Who Should Attend
Any employee who has customer contact and their managers.

Rick Wilcoxon - Rick brings over 45 years of direct sales and customer service experience into the classroom.

$195 per person (if enrolling 3 or more - call 713-724-7547 for a discount)

How to Prepare
Have a pen or pencil handy. You will want to write down a lot of ideas!

100% Guarantee
If you believe these concepts will not improve your effectiveness with your customers, your tuition will be refunded in full. Which means you can only lose if you do not attend!

Enrolling 3 or more people?  Call: 713-724-7547  for discounts or questions

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